Sry for the intelligent banner above, but I couldn't resist... ;-) 
Anyway, this is about my trip to Paris together with some other mates from my class. We went there by using the new TGV line from Karlsruhe (Germany) via Straßbourg (France) directly to Paris (Gare de l'Est). It's just a great feeling u r having @ the speed of 320 km/h when the landscapes pass as if u were flying. Unfortunately it lasts only about half an hour of the 3 hours u need to get to ur final destination: the most part of the distance one handles with sth. between 100 and 200 km/h which isn't - unlike the two guys below who I saw in front of Sacré Coeur - really spectacular...
Enjoy yourself!!!
Just in case u want to see two more videos of him...

football freak I
football freak III

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