This website (optimised for Firefox on a 13,3") has been set up in order to present myself online and share information about anything with everybody who wants to. Therefore you'll always find the latest WebWhisper on the entry page - WebWhisper, that's everything I consider to be interesting for anybody else to know about! Besides there's the catagory special in which I report occasionally on big issues and other stuff. Furthermore, u might have realised the category links4U which recommends various interesting websites providing u with e.g. free applications. In addition I would like to draw your attention to another category called travelling. There u can find pics from my past voyages and more!

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If u r curious about who's behind Sandal's website take a look at the poem and my interests below - u might get to know more about me!



 four evangelists, I'm one of them
since the Fall of the Wall.
wrote about some hero of god,
do you realise who I'm not?



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