music on demand

Sick of buying / ripping music & radio stations where your favourite songs come only up by accident? Then you should visit lastfm! There you can compose your own playlists and play them all day long as if it was your personal radio station. The best about it, is, that it's legal and you safe a lot of money/storage on your hard disk - however, without internet... it won't work.  23/07/2008

Cambridge in colour

In case u decide to visit this website u should take some time to do so. The pictures of Cambridge (England) shown here shouldn't be looked at in a hurry - they r simply too beautiful. Those who have seen Lord of the rings might be reminded of this great movie while they dive into the incredible atmosphere which lays upon the photos taken by Sean T. McHugh.

Enjoy at! | 04/11/2007

stylish wallpapers for free

Mexivista provides individual background images of a special kind. Each month u can download desctop wallpapers with an integrated calendar for free! Unfortunately this website is just available in German. However it's worth visiting though u might not understand the written content - the wallpapers are just ingredible stylish but in an unobtrusive way. Got curious? Then visit! Those of u who don't understand German at all should use this link. [To get to the different wallpapers just click in the navigation bar (right hand side) on the links between "November-Dezember 07" and "Januar-Februar 05 ".] | 03/11/2007